Don’t assume mums are judging you

I just realised Mums don’t judge as much as I thought, some might but I’ll shrug to this. I recently had one of those moments when I realised that after eight years of school with three children, I really don’t know the mums at my school. I drop the clan kids at the gate and wait in my car at pick up, I don’t walk into the school.

I have always hated the thought of walking into the school and waiting at pickup… why? Because I don’t pay a lot of attention, I’m the one who always forgets the school notes, I blame myself (and the huge volume of notes that I will deal with later but never do). I work full time (mostly from home) and run a small side business,  I’m busy, I travel heaps for work, I don’t do P&C, I am the cop out “I don’t have time” mum, I’m also the older mum with the 4 in front (almost.. eeek) that feels out of place with the young ‘uns. I always thought those “good” mums that do the readers, and are part of the school, will just judge so I’ll just steer clear – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was invited to a Tupperware party, with some of the school mums – I made some excuse about not being able to come (sorry bout that!). Then I was invited again, and bit the bullet and went. What I thought would be a polite hour of let’s get this over with, 7 to 8 affair, was actually a really enjoyable, fun night, with loads of laughs and I left at midnight 🙂

Not only did I learn I’m not the bad mum, I learnt I am not the only one who didn’t send back the sausage sizzle notes and sent a normal lunch, I’m not the only one who remembers at 9pm on a Sunday that in the weekend chaos the school clothes weren’t washed. I am actually normal!

I also learnt there are people like me and that maybe I was the one who was judging. Judging myself and judging who they might be without knowing them. I am really glad that I have now met some school mums, and in reality “good” mums maybe aren’t real.

I also learnt I like burbon berry cocktails 🙂

– Clan Mummy

PS. I didn’t buy any Tupperware!