Summertime dread, and this year it’s not swimwear!

It’s that time of the year when most of the blogs that I follow are starting to talk about rugging up and battling the flu as they head into winter. However, for us this is the time of the year when the heat turns on (yay)  and things are getting worrying (nay).

Heading into summer, usually the highlight of my year, except the realisation that I didn’t lose any weight from last summer, shrugs. This year thou, I am facing the summer with a little more dread. Australia is seeing what they call a Mega El-Nino (I think that’s what they call it). Bushfire risks have increased and preparations have already started to be Bushfire ready. Emergency services are gearing up for what they are saying could be our worse Bush Fire season ever. Continue reading “Summertime dread, and this year it’s not swimwear!”


Worlds biggest fundraiser… we want your change!!

The Clan has been talking about how we can help people out. We have called various voluntary places to see if we can volunteer anywhere but given the clan kids ages we (they) are unable to, We can’t even take them to walk dogs at the local animal shelter.

So we have turned our thoughts to raising money. As BIG TIME Christmas fans, we decided to start our fundraising efforts for the Christmas appeals and donate toys and food. This appeal is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people at a time when they may need it.

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Clan Kids interviews – Booms Favourite TV show

What is your favourite TV show? Paw Patrol

What is your favourite character in Paw Patrol? Skye. She is a brown puppy dog.

She flies a pink helicopter. and rescues, people on the ground. She see’s someone on the ground that needs help from the helicopter. She uses goggles, like a telescope to see them.

How does she rescue them? She sends down a rope, with a cat carrier.

Who else is in the show?

Skye is helped by the pups and rider. Rider is a person.

There is snow pup called Everest, she lives in the mountains and she helps too.

Chase is a blue dog and he uses a net to catch to catch things like turtles when their pond dried up. Rubble drives a digger with a drill on the back, and fixed the pond.

My other favourite is Rocky he is the recycle pup and helps build things.

Marshall drives the fire truck. He is black and white with spots, he wears a red helmet. He puts the ladder up the building and rescues people.

Zuma goes out on the ocean in a hovercraft, which floats on the water. He has a backpack and he can go underwater. He doesn’t go fishing. He helps rescue things under the water.

Why is it your favourite show? Because it has talking puppies.

Which would you like to meet? Chase, because he is the cutest.

Boom gives this show an infinity star rating!!

– The Clan Kids

Getting kids snacks in order

I lack imagination when it comes to kids snack food.

Truly the clan kids can eat. Our grocery shopping is done, a huge lack of imagination for snack foods, and many pre-boxed ‘school’ snacks enter the house only to vanish within days of arrival.

Lucky for me there is many, many ideas floating around on Pinterest to copy. But then time and various other laziness like reasons, they have always been for viewing pleasure with lots of oh that’s cool and NFA (no further action).

But this weekend, we had a clan meeting, not a normal house meeting like the declutter meeting, but a clan meeting. I might post about it later. (I still did the normal house meeting dance thou – I couldn’t help myself).

We discussed a few ideas and determined the lack of snack options led to the vanishing of school snacks so rapidly. So we consulted our trusty food ideas Pinterest board, and we created a plan.

Our plan

  1. Decide the types of foods the kids would like to snack on
  2. Buy bulk items rather than pre boxed snacks
  3. Break up bulk food into snacks sized portions
  4. Go shopping
  5. Actually allocate time to create

The outcome

So excited. We now have 65 snack bags: vegie bags, cracker bags, celery sticks and dried fruits. Oh and yoghurts. The clan kids chipped in with peeling, cutting and bagging. All up it took us less than an hour.

Not only did we save money. But we now feel organised for the week, and I am having a proud mummy moment for actually having some healthy snacks available for them.

Veggie snack bags  Cracker snack bags


Some notes

  1. We kept it simple and only used foods that they all eat and liked, carrots cucumber, celery, capsicum and snow peas. We can work up to something more elaborate in the future.
  2. The bags worked, but we think it might be pretty wasteful, so we will shop around for some cheap snack containers that we can reuse.
  3. We also set some rules about snacks, they can have 1 from the fridge (veggies) and 1 from the pantry (crackers or dried fruit) and if they are still hungry a yoghurt.
  4. We didn’t do fruit as they take two pieces to school with their lunches.

A feeling organised Clan Mummy

2 November: two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Dinner was nice (and I cooked it!)

Star 2: I had a good run home from work with the traffic

I wish: Everyone at work does what they are meant to and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and actually do the work…venting much!!

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I parked where I shouldn’t have and didn’t get a parking ticket 🙂

Star 2: I bought a really nice coffee today

I wish: That the Melbourne cup is good


Star 1: I learnt how to read a timetable at school.We looked at timetables for buses and planes to get to New Zealand and Los Angles

Star 2: I got a sun god in Balloon Tower Defence battles (BTD)

I wish: Is that maths groups are cancelled


Star 1: School was fun

Star 2: We played mini handball

I wish: We do something fun in science


Star 1: I had fun at school today

Star 2: I had fun at ballet today

I wish: Is that I don’t have to do anything

Hair hacks style #2

So I pin (terest) an awful lot of hair styles in the “one day I’m gunna try” file. I have always wondered, for someone like myself who struggles to even get the hair dryer to point the right way in the mirror, how simple these easy hair hacks really are. Follow my hair hacks posts to see!

Last week I tried the low messy bun, I practised really, really hard. But it was not to be. This was the best one:

low messy bun

Yep I’m with you, I still don’t think I got it, so I am giving myself a Mane Score: 3 of 5. I will continue to practice this one though. I am sure I will do it eventually.

This week I found a very awesome plaited like bun thing, I am so good with hair terminology, at the Hair Romance site, actually called Easy Plaited Updo. The instructions seem pretty simple. (I’ve said that before!)

Please wait while I do my hair……

Well, I am really surprised, this was simpler to do than the low bun. Next time I will try to get the top plait to sit a little lower so it isn’t so obvious. But a little chuffed I worked it out. And I really like the way it shows off the colours. (thanks to my lovely hairdresser who has complete creative control!)

Easy plaited updo 20151026_232140

Bobby pin placement still needs a little work as it doesn’t feel very secure.

I will definitely buy some little elastic things as my standard black ones were a little too bulky. Also I did buy and use a clip to hold the bottom part out of the way while I did the top plait, it all kept getting muddled.

I shall spend the next week perfecting this, and show it off next week, when I trial my next hair style.

I feel like a need a little catchy sign off for these posts. Any suggestions appreciated 🙂

Yours in hair
Clan Mummy

LIFE HACK TEST: Cleaning car headlights

Hypothesis: Toothpaste cleans car headlights brilliantly


What you need: Toothpaste, rag, water

  • Put tooth paste on the rag about a 2cm blob
  • Using the rag, smear the toothpaste across the whole headlight
  • Work the toothpaste across the headlight and scrub a bit using circular motion
  • Wipe off excess
  • Rinse with water

Notes: We used Pearl Drops toothpaste 🙂

Conclusion: It worked pretty well, on an old set of headlights, can’t say it would have been any better than using a normal car product but definitely cheaper and smells (minty) good.


Before cleaning
Before cleaning
After Headight
After cleaning

– Trialled by Clan Daddy