The benefits of our kids blogging

About two months ago I came to the decision to stop arguing with my kids about doing their homework. They didn’t want to do it and I was sick of arguing to make them. But both the boys needed to do something to improve both their writing and expression.

My middle son, Bob, is left handed and it is his constant excuse as to why his handwriting is messy.

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Don’t assume mums are judging you

I just realised Mums don’t judge as much as I thought, some might but I’ll shrug to this. I recently had one of those moments when I realised that after eight years of school with three children, I really don’t know the mums at my school. I drop the clan kids at the gate and wait in my car at pick up, I don’t walk into the school.

I have always hated the thought of walking into the school and waiting at pickup… why? Because I don’t pay a lot of attention, I’m the one who always forgets the school notes, I blame myself (and the huge volume of notes that I will deal with later but never do). I work full time (mostly from home) and run a small side business,  I’m busy, I travel heaps for work, I don’t do P&C, I am the cop out “I don’t have time” mum, I’m also the older mum with the 4 in front (almost.. eeek) that feels out of place with the young ‘uns. I always thought those “good” mums that do the readers, and are part of the school, will just judge so I’ll just steer clear – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was invited to a Tupperware party, with some of the school mums – I made some excuse about not being able to come (sorry bout that!). Then I was invited again, and bit the bullet and went. What I thought would be a polite hour of let’s get this over with, 7 to 8 affair, was actually a really enjoyable, fun night, with loads of laughs and I left at midnight 🙂

Not only did I learn I’m not the bad mum, I learnt I am not the only one who didn’t send back the sausage sizzle notes and sent a normal lunch, I’m not the only one who remembers at 9pm on a Sunday that in the weekend chaos the school clothes weren’t washed. I am actually normal!

I also learnt there are people like me and that maybe I was the one who was judging. Judging myself and judging who they might be without knowing them. I am really glad that I have now met some school mums, and in reality “good” mums maybe aren’t real.

I also learnt I like burbon berry cocktails 🙂

– Clan Mummy

PS. I didn’t buy any Tupperware!




Summertime dread, and this year it’s not swimwear!

It’s that time of the year when most of the blogs that I follow are starting to talk about rugging up and battling the flu as they head into winter. However, for us this is the time of the year when the heat turns on (yay)  and things are getting worrying (nay).

Heading into summer, usually the highlight of my year, except the realisation that I didn’t lose any weight from last summer, shrugs. This year thou, I am facing the summer with a little more dread. Australia is seeing what they call a Mega El-Nino (I think that’s what they call it). Bushfire risks have increased and preparations have already started to be Bushfire ready. Emergency services are gearing up for what they are saying could be our worse Bush Fire season ever. Continue reading “Summertime dread, and this year it’s not swimwear!”

Worlds biggest fundraiser… we want your change!!

The Clan has been talking about how we can help people out. We have called various voluntary places to see if we can volunteer anywhere but given the clan kids ages we (they) are unable to, We can’t even take them to walk dogs at the local animal shelter.

So we have turned our thoughts to raising money. As BIG TIME Christmas fans, we decided to start our fundraising efforts for the Christmas appeals and donate toys and food. This appeal is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people at a time when they may need it.

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2 November: two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Dinner was nice (and I cooked it!)

Star 2: I had a good run home from work with the traffic

I wish: Everyone at work does what they are meant to and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and actually do the work…venting much!!

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I parked where I shouldn’t have and didn’t get a parking ticket 🙂

Star 2: I bought a really nice coffee today

I wish: That the Melbourne cup is good


Star 1: I learnt how to read a timetable at school.We looked at timetables for buses and planes to get to New Zealand and Los Angles

Star 2: I got a sun god in Balloon Tower Defence battles (BTD)

I wish: Is that maths groups are cancelled


Star 1: School was fun

Star 2: We played mini handball

I wish: We do something fun in science


Star 1: I had fun at school today

Star 2: I had fun at ballet today

I wish: Is that I don’t have to do anything

21October: two stars and a wish

Happy Back to the future day everyone!!

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Our reengineering workshop finished today and it was good

Star 2: We had chicken and cheese schnitzel

I wish: it is not raining at rugby training

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I finished a form today at work

Star 2: I cleaned the bedroom

I wish: It’s still raining


Star 1: I almost finished my narrative at school

Star 2: We went for sports and did runs

I wish: My orientation day at my new school is good


Star 1: We got to go for a walk in maths group because the teacher forgot her computer

Star 2: We are having avocado with dinner

I wish: It’s raining and raining and the school floods and we get to stay home


Star 1: I had fun at swimming today

Star 2: I got to play my teachers ipad today

I wish: It’s raining at school tomorrow and we get to stay inside and watch a movie at lunch time