If money was no object…

…where would I travel and what would I do?

With unlimited funds and time think of the possibilities, I don’t think I would stop. However here are my top 8 places to go and things to do…

  1. Antarctica, icebergs, ice sheets and penguins! Stand at the South Pole
  2. Private luxury yacht and sail the Mediterranean, island hop around the Greek Isles, explore the Coasts of Croatia, Italy, France and Spain.

Greek Isles

3. Trek Nepal  – stand in the shadow of Mt Everest

Mt Everest

4. Travel the length of South America, visit Pica Chu, find some lost Inca ruins, travel the mighty Amazon but avoid the piranhas

5. Animal watch on the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

6. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro and explore the African plains to view the big game, feed the great whites off South Africa

7. Explore New Zealand’s natural beauty , walk on Fox Glacier, kayak Milford sound, and find those Hobbits in Hobbiton!


8. Travel in the footsteps of Genghis Khan – on horse back of course.

– Clan Daddy


The places I’d go

The places I want to visit

I want to go to an alien planet, the moon and New Zealand.

I want to go to an alien planet because they can look awesome.

I want to go to the moon so I can over look the earth.

The moon

I want to go to New Zealand because it is a cool shape.

New Zealand Map

By Bob


Quick trip to Sydney

Ermington Putt Putt golf
Ermington Putt Putt golf

On the long weekend we wandered off (with a clan niece in tow) on a quick trip to Sydney, mainly to play golf at our favourite Putt Putt course in Ermington. Which after 50 years is sadly closing down so this was probably our last game there 😦

On the bright side it was an impromptu family reunion, so it was really good to catch up with all my cousins and aunts and uncles, and play golf as we did as kids and enjoy a night out at the local pub.

Not a very late night after a 5.30 am start. We headed to our hotel which was in the car park of a service station, but was ok for six people even considering the location.

Day two we had a fabulous day planned, we were going to visit the Minecraft exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, and we were going to build a life-size Minecraft Steve (or some such thing) and we were going to pick up our tickets and do a night at Sydney Aquarium.

However, the day unfolded just a little differently. After paying an obscene amount for a Macca’s brekky on the way, we decided on a cheaper option and headed to a supermarket to buy fruit and rolls to eat on the way to the train station.

Jeff picked a vegemite and cheese scroll and the pre-cut melon salad. All travelling well… until he ate the scroll, which unlike all other places contained egg (he is very allergic!) So the first half of our day was spent in a shady park, with one sick child, Phenergan and three other bored children.

A heap of water and time later we moved on and made it to the train station, nearing lunch time and made it to the city. We turfed the Powerhouse idea, strolled through paddys markets for a bit and with the Sunday Fun day tickets decided a ferry to the Manly beach might be best.

We had a lovely lingering walk through the open mall, there was a Jazz festival on, bought lunch for all except Jeff who decided water would suffice and sat and paddled with about 5 thousand other people on the beach.

Sydney Harbour
Cruising Sydney Harbour

After ice cream, which Jeff could now eat, we headed back to the ferry and cruised around the harbour for a bit, landed in Circular Quay, transferred to a ferry to darling harbour, only to find we were too late for the Aquarium as they had closed. Who realised it had got that late!

We had a lovely dinner at the Darling Harbour, and walked around looking at the city lights and eventually took the train back to our hotel.

The clan at Sydney Aquarium
The clan at Sydney Aquarium

Day three we were going to leisurely head home, but having already paid for the Aquarium tickets, we headed back to the train and back to Darling Harbour. We picked up our tickets and spent a lovely day viewing the marine life.

This took most of the day, and exhausted from our endeavours we took a train back to our car at 4pm and headed home.

Disasters aside we had a lovely weekend 🙂

The clan at the train station
The clan at the train station