About us

​Do you often feel like you’re overwhelmed with info telling you to follow your dreams and passions only to stare blankly at a wall realising you don’t have any? 
Yeah me too

Too long do we ponder our lack of purpose. No longer should we sit around feeling we must have a passion and meaning in life. We should not wait any longer for our calling to somehow make itself known.

We should not go searching for quotes on finding life inspiration. From here on we  make our own inspiration.

In incidental living we find our life – Mel D

From this point forward we shall live incidentially and randomly. We will embrace the fact our  ‘passion’ is to flit from this to that.

To try whatever, whenever because we love it .

Life is, and always will be, a series of random adventures and thus it shall remain so.

The clan diaries is a place that embraces incidental and random living. Here we explore the world that makes life fun even if not purposeful.

So who is Mel D?

A dreamer with oh so many random thoughts and ideas daily. A person who once bought a saxophone on a whim.

I have worked as a maccas chick, a news camera person, a croupier, an office worker. I’ve designed process, been a trainer, opened new offices, written legal policy. I have always been learning.

I’ve done a law degree and an animation course.

I’m a junior rugby coach. I build sets for a local opera company. I work as a project manager and I’m starting a few little side businesses. 

I have traveled around the world. .. ok to some places. I’m a road tripping guru in Australia.

I’m also married with three kids and am probably having a mid life crisis now I’m forty.

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