The benefits of our kids blogging

About two months ago I came to the decision to stop arguing with my kids about doing their homework. They didn’t want to do it and I was sick of arguing to make them. But both the boys needed to do something to improve both their writing and expression.

My middle son, Bob, is left handed and it is his constant excuse as to why his handwriting is messy.

Below is an example from one of Bobs school books last term.


I know! I can’t read it either. I give points to his teacher.

So we set off on a journey to improve our writing and hence the Clan Diaries came into being. Recently I have been doing the posts, but the boys have been far from idle.

  • Jeff has been creating scripts and researching science experiments that he would like to record and load on YouTube. He has a cheeky little sense of humour that I previously hadn’t picked up on.
  • Bob has been writing about the games he plays, describing the plot and talking about his strategies. His writing has improved tenfold, see:


As you can imagine, I am very happy to see so much improvement in Bobs writing in such a short time and I can now read about 90 per cent of it. We will work on spelling next year 🙂 and I am very proud of them both.

I realise the homework the school sets is of value, but I have seen much more engagement from them doing the Clan Diaries. As an added bonus homework seems to just slot in now which is fantastic.

Now I still see them face down buried in their games, but I also see a part of them that can be creative, and that really was one of our purposes of us starting this blog.

It’s now up to me to uphold my end of the bargain and start typing up their posts and publishing them, and helping them to get the filming done and uploaded. I am going have to be a little serious and create a schedule to get all this done 🙂

– Clan Mummy




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