My grand two week holiday

I just realised I haven’t posted for a week..

Well I have been on holidays for two whole weeks – yippee! Before my holiday everyone was asking where you going, what you doing? As much as I would like to have been heading to a tropical island sitting in the sun, sipping cocktails, strolling the beach at sunset etc etc.

I’m not. I am have spent the last two weeks sorting life out. Life was chaotic and I felt crap. This entire year has been one long, hectic, never-ending day or that’s what it feels like.

This was my holiday to do list:

  1. Clean out all cupboards, including toys, clothes, kitchen and junk
  2. Get stuck into the paperwork piles. I don’t have a clue what’s in there

Sounds so fun doesn’t it. So there’s not many things to achieve on that list, but we have a lot of stuff.

So what exactly have I done these holidays? What have I actually achieved?

I have:

1. Removed 500 things from our house, yes 500! we counted them on a fancy chart we made. Don’t get me wrong there is still heaps more to do and we will work through the rest. But for once we have achieved removing things. And they have not just been moved to the garage.

2. Sorted and dealt with the massive paperwork pile. So many school notes needed my attention.

I now feel organised and way more relaxed than I did before my holidays. Ready to tackle the time of year I love the most Christmas, and yes the tree is up 🙂

– Clan Mummy

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