Advice to new bloggers

So I read this awesome post yesterday called “Don’t make me read your blog advice” which has of course inspired me to write a post on the exact subject. Lets say it’s a follow-up post to my does your blog need a purpose post.

As a newbie blogger myself, I feel totally qualified to provide this advice and expect you to follow every word, who else is best placed to tell new bloggers how to blog than a newbie 🙂 SEE FOOTNOTE

  1. Make sure you have a catchy clickable title.
    Reality: If you are reading this maybe I worked out what that meant, If you aren’t reading this then I still don’t know what that means. I might try it again with the title “7 tips for newbie bloggers”
  2. Focus on quality posts that inform your audience
    Reality: Really – Do I even know who my audience is, I’m writing this for myself, it is incidental if someone reads it. I’m new I don’t have an audience. I don’t know who they are or who they could. My focus is on learning to write and working out all the ins and outs of blogging. Once that is figured out maybe I can write quality posts for my audience, if I get an audience.
  3. Join some groups and learn
    Reality: I have joined a couple of groups, I understand half of what people talk about. I have found some nice new blogs to read thou. I have even found a few people who want to interact a bit rather than just getting me as a follower. But I have learnt some things.
  4. Buy a nice template
    Reality: No really don’t, you are only starting out, you might give up and decide it’s not for you. Free templates give you a nice easy platform to start. Some of the best blogs I read are on free templates. It really is about content. This is my fourth free one, will change again soon. As a consumer of blogs, I really actually don’t care what they look like. I care if I can read them on my phone – incidentally this one doesn’t have a mobile version hence a change again when I have free time.
  5. Build your social media with link ladders
    Reality: Again, no just don’t. Follow for follow is a little hollow (haha that’s brilliant!). You won’t find much genuine engagement. I did an Instagram and twitter link ladder in my first week. Crowdfire kindly told me 99 per cent of people unfollowed once I followed them.
  6. Judge your success on likes and followers
    Reality: It’s so sad when life and worth is judged like this. I would rather have 5 highly engaged followers, then 5,000 empty ones. I will judge my success on comments fixing my grammer.
  7. Ask people to share your content
    Reality: They won’t and your friends probably wont much either. It’s up to you to promote and share with the world your little piece of awesomeness. And you probably won’t get it right for months.

So there you have it, my advice to newbies 🙂 may we take over the blog sphere together.

– Clan Mummy

To skinnyandsingle – if I could work out how I would link you post here, cos I think your post and blog are awesome 🙂 UPDATE: I worked out how.

FOOTNOTE: read it like I read marriage advice from newly weds after 20 years 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Advice to new bloggers

    1. I liked that one too. Last year a couple of bonafide authors followed MY blog – what a laugh! I thought, “They did that to get me to follow them. How sad is that?!” It was funny, though. Nice post, btw. I found your “reality” advice pretty awesome! 🙂

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  1. Woot a stalker 🙂 and #9 – wordpress has these cool social media widget link things :). If you could please provide me all about you I’ll know my audience


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