Summertime dread, and this year it’s not swimwear!


It’s that time of the year when most of the blogs that I follow are starting to talk about rugging up and battling the flu as they head into winter. However, for us this is the time of the year when the heat turns on (yay)  and things are getting worrying (nay).

Heading into summer, usually the highlight of my year, except the realisation that I didn’t lose any weight from last summer, shrugs. This year thou, I am facing the summer with a little more dread. Australia is seeing what they call a Mega El-Nino (I think that’s what they call it). Bushfire risks have increased and preparations have already started to be Bushfire ready. Emergency services are gearing up for what they are saying could be our worse Bush Fire season ever.

cover-bushfire-survival-planOur house has now been categorised in the “Red Zone” high risk. Suddenly living surrounded by hills and trees seems not so idyllic. But nevertheless we love it and it’s home.

Next weekend our emergency services volunteers are door knocking and dropping off “Red Zone” preparation kits, with booklets called Bush Fire Survival Plans. Talking about it or even thinking about it is making my panic levels rise a little.

We are all strongly encouraged to have one, complete the Survival plan, and work things out. There is a decision point to be made if things hit a certain level STAY AND DEFEND or LEAVE EARLY. I have always said we go, we grab the Clan kids and pets and leave, and I still very much plan to do this.

So the plan, great info and easy forms to fill in, Where will you go, How will you get there, What will you take, Who will you tell.  Now all is good until I get to the What will you take..

OK I’ve got this – Clan kids, pets, the emergency kit (because we’re prepared)

AND .. This leads me unfortunately to make decisions about what I really value, what would I take and what would I leave, what can I pack in under 30 minutes if required. If the extreme happens and we leave we will be faced with the unknown of what we could return too.. it could be nothing or everything like we left. (I assure you even the thought while planning makes me feel a little sick)

It makes me realise just how chaotic and disorganised the house is. All the things I value are scattered, and not easily grab-able (if that’s a word). The irreplaceable – photos, negatives, in random boxes and places around the house, pictures stored on hard drives, old computers, pictures my lovely grannie painted, heirlooms, hand made quilts the kids got given, old kids things from school the list goes on.

There is so much stuff in our house which is replaceable, but… It all sounds so gloomy to think about, but I know we need to prepare. I need to know we can grab and go, the aim is in under 30 mins.

The last thing that is bothering me a lot is the section at the bottom labelled: Place of last resort – if no warning is given, where do we shelter – humans are priority, sorry but that’s the point where pets are let loose to hopefully fend for themselves. (Again I assure you that thought makes me feel sicker than the first one)

So the next few weeks are dedicated to planning, making lists, and making sure those real valuable things are sorted and easy to grab and go. We will have a few practice runs with the kids and we will be prepared. All this will hopefully relieve the dread these words and booklets have caused me.

And hopefully then I can return to my old summertime dread that I will need to don some swimwear shortly!!

– Clan Mummy


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