Hair hacks style #3

Side plaits

So I pin (terest) an awful lot of hair styles in the “one day I’m gunna try” file. I have always wondered, for someone like myself who struggles to even get the hair dryer to point the right way in the mirror, how simple these easy hair hacks really are. Follow my hair hacks posts to see!

Last time I tried the Easy Plaited Updo I tried and tried to do again but never made it any better than my first attempt shown here:

Easy plaited updoI think the first attempt was the best, so I am giving myself a Mane Score: 4 of 5. I will try again once I get it I will take a picture.

Today I decided to try create my own a cross between many different ones I have found. I kinda figure if I try my own I can’t really get it too wrong. So I’m calling it the cross plait crown do.

Please wait while I do my hair……

A little proud of myself.

Crown plaitWhat I did:

1. Plaited a small section from each side at the front

2. Twisted the plait up and back

3. Made a little bun and secured with bobby pins.

I even managed to small kiss curls at the sides. (my grannie taught me that)

It’s still a little wet in the pic, as I have found it just all works better with wet hair than dry. And again I love the way the colours show.

I bought the little elastic things they are so much easier to hide that the mega sized black ones I usually use. And finally, finally worked out how to place bobby pins securely.

My next mission is to work out how to take better photos!

Yours in hair
Clan Mummy


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