Getting kids snacks in order

Veggie snack bags

I lack imagination when it comes to kids snack food.

Truly the clan kids can eat. Our grocery shopping is done, a huge lack of imagination for snack foods, and many pre-boxed ‘school’ snacks enter the house only to vanish within days of arrival.

Lucky for me there is many, many ideas floating around on Pinterest to copy. But then time and various other laziness like reasons, they have always been for viewing pleasure with lots of oh that’s cool and NFA (no further action).

But this weekend, we had a clan meeting, not a normal house meeting like the declutter meeting, but a clan meeting. I might post about it later. (I still did the normal house meeting dance thou – I couldn’t help myself).

We discussed a few ideas and determined the lack of snack options led to the vanishing of school snacks so rapidly. So we consulted our trusty food ideas Pinterest board, and we created a plan.

Our plan

  1. Decide the types of foods the kids would like to snack on
  2. Buy bulk items rather than pre boxed snacks
  3. Break up bulk food into snacks sized portions
  4. Go shopping
  5. Actually allocate time to create

The outcome

So excited. We now have 65 snack bags: vegie bags, cracker bags, celery sticks and dried fruits. Oh and yoghurts. The clan kids chipped in with peeling, cutting and bagging. All up it took us less than an hour.

Not only did we save money. But we now feel organised for the week, and I am having a proud mummy moment for actually having some healthy snacks available for them.

Veggie snack bags  Cracker snack bags


Some notes

  1. We kept it simple and only used foods that they all eat and liked, carrots cucumber, celery, capsicum and snow peas. We can work up to something more elaborate in the future.
  2. The bags worked, but we think it might be pretty wasteful, so we will shop around for some cheap snack containers that we can reuse.
  3. We also set some rules about snacks, they can have 1 from the fridge (veggies) and 1 from the pantry (crackers or dried fruit) and if they are still hungry a yoghurt.
  4. We didn’t do fruit as they take two pieces to school with their lunches.

A feeling organised Clan Mummy


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