Clan Kids interviews – Booms Favourite TV show

paw patrol

What is your favourite TV show? Paw Patrol

What is your favourite character in Paw Patrol? Skye. She is a brown puppy dog.

She flies a pink helicopter. and rescues, people on the ground. She see’s someone on the ground that needs help from the helicopter. She uses goggles, like a telescope to see them.

How does she rescue them? She sends down a rope, with a cat carrier.

Who else is in the show?

Skye is helped by the pups and rider. Rider is a person.

There is snow pup called Everest, she lives in the mountains and she helps too.

Chase is a blue dog and he uses a net to catch to catch things like turtles when their pond dried up. Rubble drives a digger with a drill on the back, and fixed the pond.

My other favourite is Rocky he is the recycle pup and helps build things.

Marshall drives the fire truck. He is black and white with spots, he wears a red helmet. He puts the ladder up the building and rescues people.

Zuma goes out on the ocean in a hovercraft, which floats on the water. He has a backpack and he can go underwater. He doesn’t go fishing. He helps rescue things under the water.

Why is it your favourite show? Because it has talking puppies.

Which would you like to meet? Chase, because he is the cutest.

Boom gives this show an infinity star rating!!

– The Clan Kids


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