2 November: two stars and a wish

Two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Dinner was nice (and I cooked it!)

Star 2: I had a good run home from work with the traffic

I wish: Everyone at work does what they are meant to and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and actually do the work…venting much!!

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I parked where I shouldn’t have and didn’t get a parking ticket 🙂

Star 2: I bought a really nice coffee today

I wish: That the Melbourne cup is good


Star 1: I learnt how to read a timetable at school.We looked at timetables for buses and planes to get to New Zealand and Los Angles

Star 2: I got a sun god in Balloon Tower Defence battles (BTD)

I wish: Is that maths groups are cancelled


Star 1: School was fun

Star 2: We played mini handball

I wish: We do something fun in science


Star 1: I had fun at school today

Star 2: I had fun at ballet today

I wish: Is that I don’t have to do anything


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