Hair hacks style #2

Hair Hacks ?

So I pin (terest) an awful lot of hair styles in the “one day I’m gunna try” file. I have always wondered, for someone like myself who struggles to even get the hair dryer to point the right way in the mirror, how simple these easy hair hacks really are. Follow my hair hacks posts to see!

Last week I tried the low messy bun, I practised really, really hard. But it was not to be. This was the best one:

low messy bun

Yep I’m with you, I still don’t think I got it, so I am giving myself a Mane Score: 3 of 5. I will continue to practice this one though. I am sure I will do it eventually.

This week I found a very awesome plaited like bun thing, I am so good with hair terminology, at the Hair Romance site, actually called Easy Plaited Updo. The instructions seem pretty simple. (I’ve said that before!)

Please wait while I do my hair……

Well, I am really surprised, this was simpler to do than the low bun. Next time I will try to get the top plait to sit a little lower so it isn’t so obvious. But a little chuffed I worked it out. And I really like the way it shows off the colours. (thanks to my lovely hairdresser who has complete creative control!)

Easy plaited updo 20151026_232140

Bobby pin placement still needs a little work as it doesn’t feel very secure.

I will definitely buy some little elastic things as my standard black ones were a little too bulky. Also I did buy and use a clip to hold the bottom part out of the way while I did the top plait, it all kept getting muddled.

I shall spend the next week perfecting this, and show it off next week, when I trial my next hair style.

I feel like a need a little catchy sign off for these posts. Any suggestions appreciated 🙂

Yours in hair
Clan Mummy


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