LIFE HACK TEST: Cleaning car headlights

Hypothesis: Toothpaste cleans car headlights brilliantly


What you need: Toothpaste, rag, water

  • Put tooth paste on the rag about a 2cm blob
  • Using the rag, smear the toothpaste across the whole headlight
  • Work the toothpaste across the headlight and scrub a bit using circular motion
  • Wipe off excess
  • Rinse with water

Notes: We used Pearl Drops toothpaste 🙂

Conclusion: It worked pretty well, on an old set of headlights, can’t say it would have been any better than using a normal car product but definitely cheaper and smells (minty) good.


Before cleaning
Before cleaning
After Headight
After cleaning

– Trialled by Clan Daddy


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