Dancing in the car.. apparently we don’t

Car Dancing?

So the clan kids (particularly the boys) have been at us for months, and months to start a YouTube channel. Of course, between working full-time, running a small side business, and managing a household of three clan kiddies, this has been in the “no way, way too hard, we have no time” bucket.

However in the spirit of having fun last weekend, Mummy relented and created a channel and we made Boom’s Craft Table. A highly amateur, and awesomely fabulous craft show for kids – which of course we thoroughly encourage you watch and like and subscribe and all that 🙂

Here is Booms Craft Table, Oh and show your kids (pssst.. there will be another one on Monday)

Today in trying to do what they wanted, we attempted our first car video, haha. The word attempted is very, very critical to that sentence. Apart from clan kid Bob thinking it was another awesome idea of Clan mummies to have a little dance to Kung Fu Fighting… he failed to actually participate. Boom cried ‘cos she hurt her ankle on the way to car (which Clan Mummy didn’t take seriously until she couldn’t get out of the car at home… oops) We loaded them anyway here and here.

As a result, and with great sadness, there will be no car dancing videos from the Clan Diaries. 😦

There goes the dreams of recreating the Wayne’s World Bohemian Rhapsody scene damn it.

– Clan Mummy and Daddy


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