Does your blog need a purpose?

The Clan Diaries

I have been pondering this all morning. I joined a few blogging groups on Facebook and enjoyed a morning reading about what people are doing, people asking for advice on media kits and reading what they blog about. It occurred to me that blogging is actually a really serious business.

Are we serious? Well we started this blog as a way to encourage us to write. I have never been a big writer, and my kids need help with their writing, neatness etc so I have been making them write down on paper our two stars and a wish and I have been typing this up after.

I think if we want to be serious bloggers, we would need a plan, and a goal. You know something to shoot for.

I will continue to ponder on this. But for the moment, we are using it as a way to teach us all how to write and to improve our skills as a family. One day maybe we will be a little more serious about what we are doing but for the moment we are enjoying the fun of it.

So I guess this leads me to the conclusion: Our purpose is to write, improve and enjoy 🙂

– Clan Mummy


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