Let the de-cluttering commence

While the clan boys are busy dreaming of their next holiday (maybe I should do the same!) I have been considering the house.. or rather the chaos. I know we all say (well we say) we live a hectic life and we’re so busy we don’t get time to tidy up, but we really need to clear the clutter.

The dumped stuffWhat do I really see when I look around??? The house a chaotic mess that needs tidying, we have way more stuff than we need which clutters up the place, the piles of paperwork have become shameful and I think there is still the occasional baby toy. We are incredibly good dumpers… everywhere you look there is things dumped for later tidying, use, sorting etc and being five of us that makes for a lot of stuff.

We come up with many ‘good’ ideas of how to rid us of clutter, we do try, we do get rid of things, but it is never enough. Our last idea was to do the 2015 challenge (read it on the web somewhere*) the idea was get rid of 2015 things that were unneeded. I think we made it to 50. And we really didn’t rid ourselves of anything it’s all still in a box sitting in the garage (grin at least it’s out of the house).

So tomorrow night at dinner I am calling a house meeting and I’m going to reinstate the 2015 challenge. House meetings are times when we all discuss how we as a family are going to tackle something and write it down and all commit to something, and yes for the Young Ones fans – I do the little dance 🙂

So we are now re-starting a little late(r) in the year. But I am on a mission. No we are on a mission.

– Clan Mummy

  • they even have chart to help you track your progress (that’s their pic in the header too) http://nourishingminimalism.com/2014/12/2015-in-2015-decluttering-challenge.html

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