21October: two stars and a wish

Two stars and a wish

Happy Back to the future day everyone!!

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Our reengineering workshop finished today and it was good

Star 2: We had chicken and cheese schnitzel

I wish: it is not raining at rugby training

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I finished a form today at work

Star 2: I cleaned the bedroom

I wish: It’s still raining


Star 1: I almost finished my narrative at school

Star 2: We went for sports and did runs

I wish: My orientation day at my new school is good


Star 1: We got to go for a walk in maths group because the teacher forgot her computer

Star 2: We are having avocado with dinner

I wish: It’s raining and raining and the school floods and we get to stay home


Star 1: I had fun at swimming today

Star 2: I got to play my teachers ipad today

I wish: It’s raining at school tomorrow and we get to stay inside and watch a movie at lunch time


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