Hair hacks style #1

Hair Hacks ?

So I pin (terest) an awful lot of hair styles that one day I’m gunna try. I have always wondered, for someone like myself who struggles to even get the hair dryer to point the right way in the mirror, how simple these easy hair hacks really are.

Now that we are vamping up our lives and attempting to go from drab to fab, now is the time. (it’s also the time for the use of some, ok any, beauty products, but one step at a time)

I currently have two styles down and up, which is the height of drabness, I know. Sometimes brushed, sometimes… well left as nature made it.

The down do
The down do
The up do
The up do

I have always quite liked the look of the messy bun. So my first attempt is a low messy bun.

So basically split into two, roll, band, tuck through, scrunch and pin. How hard can it be. Ha, First attempt…

The messy bun
The messy bun

Well it’s low and I definitely got the messy bit worked out. Hmmm.. well the split and roll worked, although a third hand would have been useful for holding one side while I rolled the other. I may need to invest in some clips of some kind. It was the tuck, scrunch and pin part that baffled me a little.

I shall spend the next week perfecting this, and show it off next week, when I trial my next hair style.

Clan Mummy


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