19 October: two stars and a wish

Two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: The wallabies won the quarter finals

Star 2: I didn’t feel that tired after watching the Wallabies at 2am

I wish: that the tiredness doesn’t catch up with me

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I loaded our first YouTube video

Star 2: I drew a really nice picture of a phone whilst on a teleconference

I wish: that the clan kids clean the house and clean the toilets


Star 1: I almost have 1,000,000 gold in clash of clans

Star 2: My team won in soccer today at school

I wish: that my team wins in soccer again and I don’t have to clean the toilet


Star 1: My teacher is back from holidays

Star 2: I got a postcard from my teacher on holidays from Barcelona

I wish: the toilet is stuck closed so I can’t clean it


Star 1: I made a home for my owl and my panda at school.

Star 2: I played with my friend Charlotte

I wish: It’s nice and sunny (her daily wish)


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