Hermits? or just tired?

lazing around

Sitting here on a lazy Sunday afternoon, wondering if we have become hermits or are we just simply tired.

We spend the week charging through a million things, school ,work, activities, then we get to a weekend and the world stops. We should get dressed but we hang about in our pyjamas, we should clean but we don’t, we should do washing but we don’t. In fact the kids and I have not even left the house this weekend.

So my question is – are we becoming so busy during the week that we are just simply too tired to be bothered on the weekends, or have we become hermits stuck in a do nothing weekend rut and need to get ourselves out and about to do more.

Don’t get me wrong we do heaps of things, and attend heaps of events. But should we just be wandering to the park, or talking a stroll through the bush with a picnic, and having out about times at general things. Who knows, but not sure I have the energy too.

Get out and exploreI’m not sure if we all need the down time and all this is ok or I should believe every inspirational quote I have ever read saying get out and do things.

Thinking we should dump some of the many extra activities we do so we all get adequate down time daily, perhaps then the thought of cleaning, and getting out and living might actually seem achievable.

Think I might go do some washing…

– Clan Mummy


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