Cleaning the kitchen sink

The kitchen sink

I won’t put this one under Life Hacks, as it’s just general cleaning. Years ago I was quite an avid read of The Fly Lady in an attempt to get our cleaning and chaos in order (as it turns out it didn’t help). One of the central things she made newbies do was to clean their sink as a way to start their motivation to keep clean.

If I remember correctly – it started with filling the sink and soaking using a strong, disinfectant and hot water. Then releasing the water drying and buffing using window cleaner. This should in theory make a shiny sparkling sink that will give you the prompt to start getting everything cleaner.

As an attempt to get the ball rolling today on our cleaner lives I gave it another crack. So I so I filled and soaked the sink in Domestos, left for about 5 mins drained and dried. And started the buffing process with some Windex.

Well I don’t think it did anything for the shine, and the two chemical combined are an appalling smell, it did at least take away the smell from the garbage disposal.

Comparative analysis of before and after buffing

Sink after cleaning
Sink after buffing
Sink before buffing
Sink before buffing

What do you think?


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