15 October: two stars and a wish

Two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: Rugby training  was good

Star 2: I remembered my computer today

I wish: I leave work early

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I had a good game of netball

Star 2: I have a good planning meeting at work

I wish: It’s warm enough to swim


Star 1: I got the barbarian king in Clash of Clans

Star 2: I started my narrative on Singapore at school

I wish: is that is hot tomorrow


Star 1: We got a sheet of paper with 4 choices for a story, and the one I chose was a lost spaceman in the desert (which I made on mars) and I starting writing a good story

Star 2: We got to make posters

I wish: is that they say they are going to put Halo 5 guardians on the xbox 360


Star 1: I had fun with grannie

Star 2: I played in the pool for not that long

I wish: it’s warm enough to swim


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