13 October: two stars and a wish

Two stars and a wish

Clan Daddy

Star 1: We had a good program initiation workshop today

Star 2: I had fun training my nieces under 15s rugby union team.

I wish: I get to work on time for an 8.30 teleconference with the University of Michigan.

Clan Mummy

Star 1: I finished drawing a map at work today

Star 2: I didn’t fall asleep in the teleconference

I wish: I wake up early


Star 1: I hit the cricket ball for the first time.

Star 2: I got over 6,000 dark elixir in CLash of Clans

I wish: I score a goal in soccer


Star 1: I am allowed to continue to read on in chapter books, rather than waiting for the group.

Star 2: I did the dive of faith in handball

I wish: It is raining so much school is cancelled


Star 1: I made a bed for my penguin which has its own food and teddy bear.

Star 2: I got to read a lego city book at school

I wish: That it’s nice and warm with no wind


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